Local Liar “Just Wouldn’t Want All That Powerball Money Without Working For It”


By: Jeremy Vandroff

VMA senior and total fucking liar Vince Stephenson recently composed a complete and utter bullshit Facebook status about the much anticipated Powerball Lottery, whose prize drawing tonight is expected to pay upwards of 1.3 billion dollars.

The post, which contained a truthfulness level of roughly zero, contained a diatribe penned by Stephenson, about the value of hard work, and some crap his grandfather said to him one time.

Sitting at his desk, presumably with his pants ablaze, Stephenson rambled on in the comments section of his status from on high, attempting to sway doubters by citing previous instances of lottery winnings gone wrong.

At press time, Stephenson was spotted, nose growing by the second, having his Charlie Card rejected inside Boylston Station.

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