Trump Catches Emerson Tour To Continue Week Of Praise


By Charlie Greenwald

Just one day after he cited Emerson’s Iowa Caucus polls, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was seen touring Emerson’s campus, checking out the facilities and better familiarizing himself with the school he just endorsed.

“Damn, I like this place,” Trump grinned, diving into set of curly fries from the Max cafeteria. “I mean, there isn’t a business major, so that’s a major setback. But the location is great and the facilities are top-notch. Almost as good as my hotels.”

Trump was seen criss-crossing his way through the school, first stopping in the Tufte building to check out the TV production studios before heading into a History of Jazz class and finally a tour of the Majestic Theater. Although over a week out of the Iowa caucus, many pundits predict that Trump will win in Iowa, including Five Thirty-Eight data guru Nate Silver. Emerson College’s Communications Department, filled with politically knowledgeable professors who help provide highly accurate surveys, has now catapulted itself squarely in the polling conversation.

“We’re relying on Emerson for everything now,” said Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s 2016 campaign manager. “No stone can be left unturned.”

At press time, several students who spotted Trump by the Colonial Building passed him by.

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