An Emerson Student Passed A Homeless Man On Campus. What Happened Next Was Incredible.


By: Malcolm Kelner

Emerson students are well known for their compassion and generosity toward society’s less fortunate. However, the recent actions of one Emerson student were so incredible, it was surprising even despite the lofty standards Emersonians have set.

During a post-class rush on Boylston Street this morning, junior Political Communications major Wyatt Smythe was walking from the Walker Building toward Piano Row. That’s when he saw a homeless man standing in front of the alleyway toward City Place.

“Spare change,” the middle-aged man wearing a retro New England Patriots jersey said, as a shook a cup filled with coins.

Smythe immediately felt around in his coat pockets for change.

He had nothing.

Smythe checked his wallet.

There was nothing there either, aside from a 20 dollar bill which he couldn’t afford to part with on a college budget.

Still eager to help the man down on his luck, Smythe took off his backpack to look inside, hoping he had a left a granola bar or other snack in it. He hadn’t, but he found something else, and it was totally incredible.

It was a copy of the latest issue of the Berkeley Beacon.

“Here you go sir,” Smythe said, trying to muster up a smile as he timidly extended the newspaper out to the man. “Sorry I don’t have any money or food but I hope this helps.”

The man took the paper, flipping it over to examine both sides, and looked back up at the Smythe. He was completely speechless, most likely because he was blown away by the student’s unbelievably kind gesture.

“You can…uh…read about the latest stories at Emerson. Have a nice day!” Smythe added, as he hurriedly walked away.


This student taught us all a big lesson in generosity and empathy today. While we may not ever be in a situation in which we’re able to replicate Wyatt’s wonderful deed, we should try to take his same amazing attitude into our everyday lives.

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