Freshman Discovers “Secret” Entranceway To Walker Building


A freshman student made a groundbreaking discovery this morning before his Intro to College Writing class.

At approximately 7:54am, Studio Television Production major Harry Brabbs, 18, stumbled into a goldmine that would transform the way he got to class. To his amazement, under an immense network of scaffolding off of Boylston stood a doorway leading straight into the bowels of the Walker Building–with none of the traffic!

And it had a breathtaking wall of inspiring poetry leading to the elevators to boot.

According to reports, by using the secret entranceway, Brabbs was able to cut his travel time down and get to class at 7:58, beating his previous record of 8:01.

“Hey guess what I found this morning?” Brabbs asked his roommates as he threw his bag down on the couch of his Piano Row suite.

At press time, Brabbs had discovered a secret staircase in Piano Row to access the Max Café without having to take the elevator down to the first floor and walk back up.

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