“I Don’t See What I Did Wrong” Says Kid Who Turned His Dorm Room Into A Brothel

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By: Malcolm Kelner

An Emerson student who got in trouble for turning his dorm room into a brothel is confused about what he did that was so wrong.

“I don’t see what I did wrong,” said sophomore Film major Wyatt Salvano, who is now facing a $150 fine and disciplinary action from the student conduct board after Emerson flagged his advertisement on backpage.com for “Anything Goes Brothel.”

Salvano was seeking both male and female sex workers and customers to take part in an all-inclusive brothel experience in his Piano Row dorm room, which he touted online as the “chance to fulfill your wildest carnal pleasures, all with a million dollar view.” The recent startup business had reportedly been going great so far until Emerson’s administration inexplicably decided to shut it down.

Salvano and his friends claim all he was trying to do was give Bostonians an affordable and safe sexual experience, without the usual seediness of the underground prostitution business.

“All Wyatt wanted to do was help hard-working sex workers and deserving customers have a great time in a fun and inclusive environment,” Salvano’s friend wrote in a Change.org petition to “free” Salvano and encourage Emerson to drop its case against him. “There’s nothing criminal about that.”

“If the Emerson community is as inclusive as it claims to be, it should act it, and not exclude our friend for one simple blatant violation of the housing policy and reckless disregard for the safety and security of every other student in the dorm.”

At press time, Salvano was trying to sell his Dining Hall swipes to strangers outside the Little Building for half the cost of the normal meal charge.

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