Emerson Reacts To Airbnb Dorm Controversy

By: Malcolm Kelner

Emerson sophomore Jack Worth recently rented out his Little Building dorm room multiple times on Airbnb, and is now facing disciplinary action after the school caught wind of the deed. The story made national headlines after a Change.org petition to “free” Worth has garnered hundreds of signatures.

Let’s see what Emerson thinks.



“Kudos to him for actually finding people wanting to rent out a room in LB. You’d couldn’t pay ME to live there.”

-Alana McCormick, Colonial Building Resident




“He’s a really nice guy so that totally excuses any wrongdoing.”

-Mike Bigby, Worth’s friend




“I wish Emerson could make headlines that didn’t involve Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or an entitled straight white male kid claiming persecution.”

-Emma Warner, Emerson Alumnus

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