This Group Of Freshmen Traveled Out Into The Snow. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.


By: Jack Ross

With winter storm Lexi dropping over a half-foot of snow across Boston, college students everywhere have been in a state of disarray. Transit delays, power outages, and sidewalks covered in thick, wet slush have turned the city from a bustling metropolis for young people into a snow-coated wasteland dotted with Canada Goose emblems.

But you won’t believe what this group of Emerson Freshmen did on Saturday afternoon: they braved the elements to take group photographs.

Yes, you read that right. The six members of the Little Building suite 514 and some of their floor mates donned their jackets and mittens and faced the aftermath of Lexi head-on to capture some new Facebook profile pictures.

“Well, once we saw that the snow was really starting to come down, we know this was the perfect opportunity to update our social media profiles,” said Charles Sutherland, a freshman Acting major.

“And our Friend Lindsay is an experienced photographer” chimed in freshman Suzanne Burks. “She’s got over 4000 Instagram followers and she knows how to edit in Photoshop. Who would pass up a chance to get a new profile picture with serious like potential?

The group of 9 students reportedly walked from their dorm building at 100 Boylston Street into the Boston Common, where they–get this–proceeded to take several group photographs before queuing up for individual and couples shots.

After 20 minutes the group decided that it was too cold and retreated back inside to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

“This was a really great bonding experience for all of us,” freshman Norah Naugle said as the group hurried back inside. “I’m so glad the snow fell when it did… some of us hadn’t changed our cover photos in weeks!”

The group hasn’t been spotted since they re-entered the Little building but inside sources have reported that they were last seen huddling around a MacBook air – trying to decide if the Gingham filter brought out their eyes more than the Lark filter did.

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