Enlightened Student Shares Article About Still Supporting Hillary If Bernie Doesn’t Get Nomination


By: Malcolm Kelner

An enlightened Emerson student has shared an article on Facebook about still supporting Hillary Clinton in the general Presidential election even if his preferred candidate Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination.

Sophomore Film major Mikey Walther, who sees the bigger picture, broke ground by posting the think piece detailing how Clinton isn’t that bad —  a bold move which no one has ever made before.

“Listen, I feel the bern as much as anyone, but we need to support whoever gets the nomination, even if it’s Hillary,” Walther captioned the post. “Let’s stop acting like she’s the enemy here.”

Walther’s friends were impressed by his courage.

“Mikey really risked a lot by saying something positive about Hillary,” one friend said to reporters. “Not to mention, he raised an incredible point about rallying around the nominee.”

“Who ever would have thought of that?” added another friend.

At press time, Walther was bravely posting another article about how Donald Trump is bad.

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