Dining Hall Legend On Pace To Use All 1,000 Meal Swipes In One Semester


In December of 2015, freshman Craig Swefherd made a fateful decision to go with the school’s unlimited dining hall meal plan for an extra $68.00. He quickly learned that by default, he was given a finite amount of meals. One thousand. No more. No less.

“Yeah, I mean first semester, especially because I live in LB, I ended up going to the DH more often than any of the other places that take board bucks,” he said.

Upon seeing he was left with 999 remaining meal swipes after the first meal on January 15th, Swefherd made it his goal to disprove Sodexo’s definition of “unlimited.”

“If I have my way, I am going to show them that I don’t have a limit,” uttered the 19 year-old who was enjoying his fourth trip to the DH before his 12:00 Intro to College Writing Class.

Swefherd did not realize the dream of acheiving what no student had done before until just a few days ago when he crunched the numbers, realizing he was well on his way to forcing Sodexo managment make an exception.

“At first I was just enjoying my excessive amount of swipes, living without fear of having to mooch guest swipes off friends come late April.”

Other sudents began to notice Swefherd’s chance at an unpresidented feat when his average reached over 11 swipes per day.

“Rumor has it somebody burned through 650 back in Fall of ’07, but I don’t buy it,” said a classmate.

At press time, another freshman was trying to set a record by burning through all $5 of her print credits.

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