Emerson Students Flock To Common To Not Do Sports During Warm Weekend


By Charlie Greenwald

With temperatures hovering in the 50’s today and yesterday, Emerson students rushed into the Boston Common to do things other than sports, including meditate, take pictures, and listen to music on a towel with friends.

“Man, this weather is just so great,” said Kathryn LoBello, who played with some dogs alongside a group of Boston University students, who were playing a game of Hacky Sack.

Although the majority of Emerson student-athletes were busy competing in games this weekend, several of the non-student-athletes who went outside and did things in the sun say that they too were working out the whole time.

“Seriously, man, I’m practically breaking a sweat,” said sophomore Derek Bernstein, clutching his Nikon D750 and taking pictures of strangers. “Global warming, right?”

At press time, the forecast for Boston had a low of 25 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday.

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