With Accepted Students Day In Rearview, Setup for Deferred Students Day Begins


By Charlie Greenwald

As the final campus tours for Accepted Students Day winded down on Saturday at approximately 4:00 PM, Emerson faculty and staff began setting up for Deferred Students Day, a much more melancholic event.

“I want these students to both picture themselves at Emerson and also to picture themselves not at Emerson, because that’s possible,” said admissions representative Tara Fulco. “But, if we end up taking them, we want them to like it.”

While rolling admission decisions haven’t been released yet, all early decision applicants know at this juncture whether or not they have been accepted, rejected or deferred to the regular application pool. The Emerson faculty has worked tirelessly to prepare both events this weekend, both for the students whose checks they know they will be depositing, and for those whose checks they are still unsure of.

“We’ve got flyers for each building and major, but we’re not going to give them out to the students – just show them,” said tour guide Max Bonadio.

Nobody yet knows exactly how long Deferred Students Day will be or how many people will attend, but projections estimate that nine students will attend for a ten minute session.


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