“Good Sports”: Emerson Rolls Out New Website With Strong Promotion Of Athletics Program

IMG_3111.JPGAs a school that touts its strength in communication, Emerson’s basic and frankly, boring, website was always a bit disappointing. Shouldn’t a school with so many talented visual artists and designers have a more engaging web presence? Also, shouldn’t a school with an oft-overlooked yet burgeoning Division III athletic program promote it better?

Well now, Emerson has solved both problems by refreshing its branding with a new website and slideshow page, “Good Sports.”

As one of the many stretched-out, low-resolution photos on the new emerson.edu, “Good Sports” is an outstanding promotion of Emerson’s Athletics program to a nationwide audience, current students, and prospective student-athletes considering applying to the College.

In the photo of the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym, apparently taken shortly after the gym’s creation nearly ten years ago, and prior to the new court design painting and Emerson Channel Sports studio installation, there is no actual game occurring on the court. Instead, there are three photo-shopped players, all wearing fake black and white Emerson jerseys, playing a 2-on-1 game in which one of the players is sending a blatantly photo-shopped basketball on a crisp chest pass straight out of bounds.

Talk about catching the eye!

Some may have thought it would have been a better idea to put one of ECS’s high-quality, real photos from a real game, like this.



Or this.



But we don’t think so. It was definitely a better idea to use an outdated picture to promote a sense of nostalgia, a photo-shopped basketball and players to showcase Emerson’s visual arts expertise, and a title that sounds like a parody.

To top it off, the picture links to a lengthy article in which the Athletic program and its history are completely made fun of.

Total branding win! And thousands of dollars well spent.

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Update: The page has been removed from Emerson’s website. We swear it was actually there.

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