In Focus: Student Always Seems To Be Doing Laundry

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.22.22 PM.png

For some Emerson students, doing laundry can become a neglected chore that results in piles of dirty clothes on the floor of their dorm rooms every few weeks. But for freshman WLP major Joshua Ryans, doing laundry seems like a never-ending day-to-day task.

Ryans’s strange cyclical habit was first noticed by several students in the Piano Row laundry room several weeks ago. After multiple reports that Ryans never seemed to leave the room, Lion’s Tooth decided to investigate.

“Sometimes I see him folding jeans… sometimes I see him tossing in dryer sheets. But I always seem him down there… it’s uncanny,” reported Ryans’s floor mate Aaron Nichols. Nichols first reported Joshua’s strange behavior to an RA as early as last October, but it was not looked into any further.

Joshua’s Intro to College Writing classmate Kelsey Pfeiffer voiced her concern towards Ryans’s continual absence in class.

“Just the other day our professor called out Josh’s name and I told her that he was going to be late because I had just seen him immersed in his laundry on my way to class,” Pfeifer told our reporters. “Sure enough he never showed up, but I did see him adding detergent to a washer when I came back from class. He’s done this every week pretty much.”

When Lion’s Tooth reporters finally made their way to the laundry room to interview Ryans himself, all they found was his laundry hamper and a crumpled Tide Pod bag at its side.

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