Emerson Reacts To Sodexo “Pro Chef Throwdown”


On the first day back from Spring Break, Emerson Dining Services and Sodexo greeted students with a fun surprise. Instead of a normal lunch, Sodexo staged a “Pro Chef Throwdown,” in which its chefs at schools from around the Boston area competed with each other to provide the best internationally flavored dishes. Ballots were handed out so the students could vote for their favorites.

Let’s see what Emerson thinks.


“Good to know we can finally inspire better food in the DH by pinning Sodexo employees against each other in a fight to the death.”

-David Chen, Film ’19


“They just HAD to pick the day my “Emerson Dining Services: Undefeated Since 1880″ shirt was in the wash.”

-Addie LeMieu, WLP ’16


“My napkin note clearly suggested that they gave the number 1 seed a first round bye and had Suffolk and Emerson go head to head in the first round. Sometimes I feel like they don’t even read those things.”

-Connor Monahan, Journalism ’18

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