Lee Pelton Sighted At Boston Anime Convention, Denies Involvement


By: Malcolm Kelner

While many Emerson students have been attending this weekend’s Anime Boston event at the Hynes Convention Center, one Emerson administrator’s presence at the convention has come as a surprise.

Multiple sources confirm Emerson President Lee Pelton has been sighted at all three days of the convention, wearing a wig and dressed in a white robe stained with fake blood. While hanging out with a group of costumed college students at today’s festivities, Pelton was approached by Lion’s Tooth reporters, and adamantly denied being Pelton.

“Who is this Lee Peltman you speak of?” Pelton angrily asked. “I know no such man. I am Afro Samurai, most powerful swordsman in the world.”

When our reporters commended him for his convincing disguise, he started to get even more defensive.

“You are insulting my honor by denying who I really am,” Pelton declared. “I had to journey through impossible obstacles to avenge Rokutaro’s death and reclaim the Number 1 headband, losing all sense of human emotion along the way. So if you keep going with this Pelted crap, I’ll have no problem making you my next victims.”

Pelton then paused, his eyes darting back and forth in a crazed manner.

“SEIGI!” he screamed primally toward the ceiling, unsheathing his sword and sprinting toward the nearest exit.

At press time, a person in an Easter Bunny costume walking in a manner suspiciously similar to Lee Pelton was taking the elevator up to the 14th floor of the Ansin Building.

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