Student Threatens To Say “Don’t Come Here” To Prospective Student Tour Group


By: Malcolm Kelner

As one of the many prospective student and parent tour groups was shown around the Emerson campus this morning, one clever Emerson student threatened to make sure none of the high schoolers would want to enroll.

“What if I walked by them and just screamed, ‘Don’t come here!'” sophomore VMA major Emily Loeffler said to her friend as they spotted the group.

When her friend called her bluff, Loeffler only got more encouraged.

“Seriously I’m gonna do it,” the hilarious student said. “I’m gonna be like, ‘This school sucks! Save your 60 grand and go to a real school.’ How funny would that be?”

“If you give me five bucks I’ll do it,” she quickly added after her friend didn’t respond.

At press time, Loeffler walked by the group, froze, and sputtered, “Come to Emerson!”

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