Iwasaki Library Receives Shipment Of New Ergonomic Chairs


(Editor’s Note: Lion’s Tooth will no longer be publishing satirical articles. We have received too much negative feedback about our work offending students, so we will be publishing strictly factual, Berkeley Beacon-type news going forward.)

By: Malcolm Kelner

In some exciting news for Emerson students, the Iwasaki Library has received a shipment of five brand new ergonomic chairs.

The modern, low-to-the-ground chairs have been placed in the open study room, which until the end of 2013 was occupied by the donated set from the former TV show, “Will & Grace.”

“We think the chairs will be a valuable addition to the library,” said assistant librarian Jenna Sanger. “The rotating desktop piece allows one to do written work, or it can be swung out of the way if one is just looking to sit down and read or relax.”

So far, study room occupants have enjoyed using the chairs.

“I like them a lot,” said Nicholas Clemen ’18. “They’re really comfortable and they’re in a nice, quiet location for getting work done. This room is definitely my new go-to study spot now.”

Iwasaki Library management has been pleased with all the positive feedback it has received about the chairs so far.

“The goal of the Iwasaki Library is to provide an optimal space for Emerson students living both on and off-campus to research, study, and collaborate,” added Sanger. “We’re always looking for ways to improve, and these chairs are certainly a step in the right direction.”

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