Hey Look, That Kid In Your Class Was Nominated For An Obscure Evvy Award


By: Malcolm Kelner

Hey look, that kid in your class who you kind of know was nominated in a really obscure category for this year’s Evvy Awards!

Check it out, he said on Facebook that he’s “extremely humbled” to announce he was nominated for Outstanding Environmental Stage Lighting Effects. Or maybe it was Best Actor in a Indie Music Web Series. I dunno, it was something like that.

How about this though, when he started this project last year, he “never would’ve guessed” he’d win an Evvy Award someday. And now, he has at least a 25% chance of winning one.

And not only that, but he “couldn’t have done it without an amazing support system” that helped him along the way.

Oh you’re not gonna like the status? Ummm, are you completely oblivious to the unwritten rule about the requirement to like every other Emerson kid’s professional-related posts? Alright, there you go. That’s right. You go ahead and like that, or maybe even use the new Facebook option to “love” it.

This is great stuff, you guys.


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