Student Eagerly Awaits Lenny Manzo’s Correction Email So She Can Actually Sign Up For Workshop

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.05.58 AM

By Haley Thompson

A subdued smile spread across the face of sophomore Ellen Richards’ face when she received the second of soon-­to-­be multiple emails from Emerson’s Director of Production and Safety in the Department of Visual & Media Arts, Leonard Manzo.

“Finally!” Richards reportedly exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting m onths to get the new email following this email from Lenny.”

The subject of the message, which simply read “Steadicam,” indicated that a follow­up message, possibly titled “Re: Correction,” or “Re: Incorrect Link” would provide her with all of the information she needed to sign up for the EDC’s Steadicam workshop. Richards waited patiently, not even bothering to open the message, until the revised email made its way into her inbox.

Eventually Richards received a third email from Manzo, the subject of which read: “Any of You Kids Wanna Help Me Make My Movie?”

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