Student Frustrated No One Noticed He Was At Castle This Semester


Although initially optimistic that he would be reunited with some friends, sophomore Kevin Joyce slowly began to realize that nobody even noticed he spent the entire semester at Kasteel Well, away from Emerson’s Boston campus.

But according to reports, things only got worse when he walked into the Colonial Building expecting a more heartfelt welcome.

“Wow it’s good to be back!” exclaimed Joyce, to blank stares of acquaintances passing by.

“…back in the good ol’ United States, that is!” he further clarified.

The second year Visual Media Arts student figured the 300+ Facebook photos taken all over Europe would at least draw some envy from his colleagues who spent the semester in Boston.

“Hey it’s good to see you! Can you sign me in so I can drop my stuff off?” Joyce asked a former classmate who agreed to let him crash for a few days back in December.

“Remind me why you can’t stay at your place again?” replied the classmate.

At press time, Joyce was mentioning how cool it was to be able to legally drink at the age of 19.

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