Lee Pelton Throws Latest Berkeley Beacon Issue In Fire After Logo Criticism


By Charlie Greenwald

Not going to stand idly by while his beloved new logo was lambasted, Emerson President Lee Pelton, clad in a bathrobe and barefoot in his Beacon Hill abode, burned his latest copy of The Berkeley Beacon, just moments after sending out a blast email to the entire Emerson community defending the logo at 11:24 PM on Saturday.

“This vile rag must burn,” Pelton bellowed, merely 5 minutes after asserting that the paper’s editorial “seriously distorted the visual identity” of the new logo. “These flames will engulf the paper and all its twisted logic.”

In the past several days, the Emerson community has responded harshly to the school’s proposal for a new logo. To start things off, the Beacon published an editorial to criticize the graphic, which they asserted did not represent Emerson well.

Many other students also groaned at the handwritten “e,” especially those who were frustrated with the finished product after hearing that Emerson hired Ohio branding firm Ologie to create the logo. Pelton implored residents in his emails to give the logo a chance, and not write it off as a “fuzzy little squiggly of an image of an image,” before incinerating the latest Beacon issue.

“They will never squash our graphic design dreams again,” Pelton sneered. “Ooh, looks like I need more wood.”

At press time, Emerson Communications Director Andy Tiedemann was on Lynda.com, navigating his way through a Photoshop lesson.

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