Lee Pelton Kisses The Forehead Of Every Student Moving Out As They Get Into Their Parent’s Car


As a way of showing gratitude for the 2016-17 academic year, Emerson president Lee Pelton spent this past week embracing all 1916 on-campus students as they moved out of their respective residence halls this week.

For two days straight, Pelton stood back, let out a sigh, and watched as every single student drive away into the distance.

“She’s good to go!” Screamed Pelton as he slammed the door of Jackie Minloni ’19’s mother’s 2006 Honda Odyssey, and then graced the undergrad’s forehead with a kiss.

Pelton reportedly stood next to every student as they left Emerson until next fall, shedding a single tear, reminding himself that August is right around the corner.

“Take care of him” said Pelton sternly into the eyes of sophomore Chris Vilinsky’s mother Sheryl Vilinsky, before giving the 20 year old journalism student a kiss upon the forehead.

Pelton was later seen through Mark Stromer’s dad’s rear view mirror chasing after the car yelling “Wait! You forgot something!”

At press time, Pelton was spotted putting bumper stickers with Emerson’s controversial new logo on the back of a 2006 Toyota Highlander.

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