Emerson Students Excited At The Prospect Of Another Dining Location Around Campus To Get Food Poisoning From


By: Lloyd Mallison

Fresh off the back of a year in which Chipotle had not one, but five national health scares – including one norovirus outbreak on Boston College’s campus – vacationing Emerson students were excited to learn that when they returned to campus, one of the Mexican-inspired fast casual restaurants would be waiting to greet them.

“It’s really great to have more options around campus,” said rising sophomore, Erik Dailly. “There are only so many places to play Russian Roulette with my health once you discount the DH, the Max, and Einstein Bagel Bros.”

Others saw it as a question of physical safety.

“Once the Little Building and the DH closes next year to be renovated, I didn’t know where I’d have to go to catch potentially life threatening illnesses,” said rising sophomore Lili Cabman. “I really don’t feel safe walking to Chinatown at night, but luckily City Place is always so populated. I’ll be able to go to Chipotle all the time.”

Another student was excited to be able to spend all their allowance on more off-campus food locations.

Jimmy Lincoln said, “at the moment, I have to spend all my money at either Boloco or NYP instead of just using my prepaid meal swipes and board bucks to complain I’m broke. I can’t wait to spend $4 on six chips and a scoop of guacamole!”

At time of publication, Emerson hadn’t responded to request for comment as to whether the new Chipotle would also be scaffolded.

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