Hey, Remember Us? Those Two Random Recent Graduates? Well, We’re Dating Now.

philadelphia-bestsuburbsforyoungcouples-1By: Those Two Random Recent Emerson Graduates

Hey, what’s up guys? Remember us? I know, it’s only been a couple months since we graduated but just making sure you didn’t forget us already. Well anyway, we wanted to let you all know that we’re dating now.

Yeah, it’s kind of random, right? I mean, we were never any sort of thing while at Emerson and never would have been even considered by most other classmates as a potential match. Our personalities and dating/relationship practices couldn’t have been any more different, but here we are, in the first summer post-grad, and we’re totally an item.

We know you all saw the writing on the wall that we each crafted to perfection on social media: Facebook statuses, Instagram pictures, and Tweets keeping you updated on our dates–at first only sporadic–teasing you and making you wonder, “Wait, are those two together?”

But then our posts became more regular, and our love undeniable, all culminating in changed profile pictures featuring both of us together at local events.

If you wondered before, wonder no longer. WE ARE DATING.

Now all we ask is that you like all our posts about each other, as well as the impending relationship status change. We anticipate this being 300-like material. Thanks in advance!

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