EDITORIAL: “Hey Man, How Was Your Summer?”


By: Carter Stoltz – Marketing ’18

Hey man ! Good to see you? You on your way to the Paramount? Nice! I’m heading there, too. Mind if I walk with you for a bit? Cool.

So uh…how was your summer? You bused dishes at a restaurant? Ah, gotcha. That’s rough…probably got a lot of tips, though right? Bet it feels good to be back at Emerson, I mean that’s all that matters really! My summer? Oh well, I did this pretty sick internship in New York. You wanna hear about it?

Alright, so basically I was the assistant to a president of a major advertising agency. Pretty awesome, huh? It was a lotta of work, trust me. I got coffee, took a few phone calls, and even sat in on meetings with huge celebrities. Does the name Jamie Lee Curtis ring a bell? Haha. Yeah she was pretty cool I guess, for an old lady. Huh, “Freaky Friday”? Oh, I’ve never heard of it. Haha.

Yeah so anyway, my uncle Rob actually set me up with the gig. And he even got me a room in his apartment building in SoHo. Totally nuts. You should have seen some of the babes I brought home on the weekends. Did I mention I had my own bathroom, study room, and kitchen? But on top of all that, the internship was PAID! It’ll be a summer I never forget. I felt like I was in an episode of Mad Men 24/7. Haha.

Well anyway…I gotta get to class now. See ya ‘round this semester.

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