Groundbreaking: This VMA Major Wants To Be A Famous Director


Last Thursday night during  Professor Erica Loofer’s Topic in Media Studies: Auteurs and Cinephilia, student Aaron Danson shook the pillars of heaven with this fearless class introduction, “Well uh, I’m from Manhattan, I’m a first semester Junior, and truth be told I just want to be a famous director after I graduate.”

Danson, a VMA Film Production Major, sent waves of shock throughout the class room as the other students attempted to grasp such a bold statement.

Several of the students couldn’t believe their ears, including  Senior Media Studies Major Abby Gordon, who had this to say, “Most people just say generic stuff like, ‘I’d like to work in TV or I’d like to work in a post production house,’ but this kid had the balls to straight up tell us that he not only wants to be a director…but a famous one, too. I gotta hand it to him, it was a bold move.”

Danson’s introduction not only affected the students but Professor Loofer as well,  who told the Lions Tooth team, “I thought to myself… this kid must be going places. You just don’t say something like that if you’re unsure of yourself. You just don’t!”

At press time, Danson was wrapping up another introduction for his Directing Narrative Fiction class by proclaiming, “To be honest, I will probably move to LA or New York. And really, my ultimate goal is definitely to win the Oscar for Best Director.”

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