Emerson Freshman Nearly Loses Head After His Lanyard Gets Caught In DH Dish Collector

ECPD is asking students to avoid the premises until further notice.

By: Jack Ross

In what many are calling a “tragic but foreseeable accident,” Emerson College Freshman Jayden McVay was nearly decapitated when his Emerson lanyard became stuck in the rotating dish collector in the dining hall on Monday Afternoon. McVay, who was wearing the stylish purple and gold nylon lanyard – meant to be attached to a bag or kept in a pocket – around his neck when the incident occurred, had but a few minutes to free himself from the steel bars of the dish collector as it spun ever-so-slowly towards the dishwasher.

Emerson PD Officer Tommy Greene was the first to respond to the scene and after careful examination, concluded that “the incident could have been avoided, had Mr. McVay not attached his dorm keys, ID, Sunglasses, Green DH Takeout Box, and three bottle openers he received at the Org Fair to his lanyard – as it presumably weighed him down and placed him in the rotating dish collector’s “Danger Zone.”

Sophomore Alexis Raven witnessed the event as it was happening, recalling that “it could have been so much worse,” and that, “[she’d] seen Freshman with 3-Ring Binders and laptops hooked to those lanyards. Imagine what kind of damage Jayden could have suffered if he had any of those attached.”

McVay was escorted to the Emerson College Heath Center, where he was deemed to have suffered “a strained Splenius Captis” due to the excessive force applied to the neck area by the heavy weight on the lanyard.” He is reportedly in good condition and is now working to move the former items on his lanyard into his wheeled backpack for easier transportation.

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