Group of Freshmen Collapse Outside AMC Theater After Seeing Ticket Prices

Four freshmen were receiving medical attention after fainting outside the Tremont Street movie theater, Lion’s Tooth has learned. According to sources, the young men collapsed after being told how much it would be to watch Suicide Squad at their new local picture house.

Close friends of the boys say the group thought they’d take advantage of their newfound free time and spend some of their food money on a movie ticket to see poorly-rated super villain flick. But they were shocked to find the admission costs were almost double that of a small theater in the ‘burbs.

“Suicide Squad was awful,” said fellow freshman Sadie Ferstand. “Why they’d want to see it in the first place is beyond me. Maybe they were being ironic.”

When pressed to stay on topic though, Firsthand also said, “AMC should be liable for those boys’ injuries where they hit the ground. It’s unreasonable to charge $14 for a movie, let alone one as bad as Suicide Squad. It was really poor.”

There will be a small vigil at the bandstand tonight in the hope of a speedy recovery for the young men.

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