9 Emerson Easter Eggs That You’ll Miss If You Blink

1. In the season 4 finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mac can been seen wearing an “Emerson Football: Undefeated Since 1880” tee-shirt. Rob McElhenney, who plays Mac, was actually Emerson’s starting fullback from 1992-1995 and played a huge part in upholding the streak that still stands to this day.


2. Ralph Waldo Emerson once had a nightmare in which an octopus uttered to him: “the only comprehensive college or university in America dedicated exclusively to communication and the arts in a liberal arts context”. He jotted it down and the phrase stuck to this day. You can see it written on both the wall of the fourth floor of the Walker Building and the school’s Wikipedia page.

Emerson College on Wikipedia

3. Despite popular opinion, the name ‘Emerson College’ does not come from Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s actually named after his nephew, College Emerson. As a tip of the cap to College, names on attendance sheet now appear in a “last name, first name” format on Canvas.

4. The TV monitors in the DH are hung vertically to honor Emerson as a vertical campus.


5. The Emerson-created sport of Quidditch inspired JK Rowling to create the Harry Potter franchise. In fact, the class of ’88 alum spent much of her time sitting in the common watching practice while writing the books. The name Rubeus Hagrid is actually an anagram for Drabs Hie Guru, a nod to the sorority that Rowling belonged to during her time at Emerson.


6. The 10 pieces of pepperoni found on each DH pepperoni pizza are a tribute to the 10 Emerson film kids that went missing at Roanoke Island in 1976

student recruitment photography at Rollins Dining Hall

7. Emerson’s “Little Building” is considered to be the estranged daughter of “Big Ben.” They haven’t spoken since the falling out of 1987.


8. In 1999, the campus briefly relocated entirely under the Boston Common due to the impending threat of Y2K — Two classrooms remain there to this day!


9. While Bobbi Brown was attending Emerson, she was a huge advocate of the school’s sustainability initiative. To pay tribute to her legacy, a cartoon depiction of Brown appears atop each recycling bin on campus.



Know of any others that we missed? Let us know it in the comments!

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