Freshman Shocked When Professor Says “Shit”


This past Monday, freshman Jessica Hanscom’s world came to a screeching halt during her 8 am Introduction to Speech Communication class when Professor Gus Pensky dropped an infamous, but all too familiar four letter word.

“Please everyone, don’t forget to do the quizzes on Canvas by midnight Sunday. I know you’re all busy with extracurriculars, but sometime’s that shit can sneak up on ya,” brashly advised Pensky to Hanscom and her classmates just before class ended.

Jaw open and eyes wide, Hanscom left Walker 233 unsure of whether she could return to the gritty, unforgiving environment set forth by her professor that following Wednesday and Friday.

“As a WLP major, I’ve read and written the word shit many times before, but hearing an adult say it in a classroom setting was just too much,” a visibly shaken Hanscom told Lion’s Tooth that Tuesday, “I just couldn’t believe the shit coming out of his mouth…literally.”

Hanscom reported that she sought treatment for her profanity induced stress at the Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services center, but was told by a counselor, “Tough shit.”

Thankfully, Hanscom found relief when the Registrar’s Office moved her into another section of the course at the same time.

At press time, Professor Pensky was trying to get the projector up for Friday’s class, asking his students, “Could somebody help me figure this shit out?”


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