Editorial: Fuck, I Threw Away My Einstein’s Receipt


God dammit

by Samantha Dawson, WLP ’18

I can’t fucking believe it. I come into Einstein’s to order an egg sandwich for breakfast and a muffin for later but just HAPPENED to throw out my receipt. God, I’m so STUPID. Well, I can’t dig through the trash now, some freshmen douche just dumped a thing of coffee into that trash bin.

Wait, the lady just called out 13… that can’t be right. I’m pretty sure mine’s was a single digit. What the hell is going on? Should I go up and ask if they have my order ready? I mean I do have class in like 10 mins.

On second thought, maybe that number was for a smoothie or something. They make those pretty fast. If only I could just make out what that girl got…DAMMIT! She’s already out the door. Christ…I’m never getting my breakfast at this point.

God dammit this lady’s just shouting numbers’ now…20…34…47? What the actual fuck?

Screw this. I’m over it. I’ll just steal a bunch of leftover breakfast pastries from the DH real quick.

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