Off-Campus Student Surviving Exclusively On Food Found On Back Table Of MPR


In an unprecedented attempt, senior Jack Hertfield is now a month into his vow to not get a meal plan, but rather survive off Emerson’s natural resources.

“I weighed my options for a little bit, but found that exclusively eating food left over from the MPR was enough to get by. I mean there always seems to be food there. It’s a no-brainer!”

The fourth year student went on to explain that it isn’t always easy.

“Sometimes I have to sit in on an hour long a meeting for an org I don’t even belong to. But it’s worth it. I mean I know it’s a stretch, but it’s totally doable,” explained Jack.

At press time Hertfield was treating himself to a rare night out, enjoying a leftover ham sandwich found on the table in the lobby of Piano Row.

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