Entire Emerson Student Body Falls Asleep In Quiet Study Lounge


On Tuesday afternoon, Emerson needed a break from the daily grind and headed up to the 2nd floor of P-row. After reading a few chapters of its various textbooks, the entire Emerson community figured it had a few hours to kill and decided to curl up and get a few Z’s in before their next class. The student body remained in a deep slumber for about 24 minutes—the only interruption being when a member of Kappa Gamma Chi rolled over and set off the motion sensor, turning on the lights.

“How long were we out?” asked Jacob Lansbury, member of the Men’s Lacrosse Team.

Despite having a capacity of 20 people, the 450 square foot soundproofed room was the just what all 3,757 undergrad students needed to reenergize in the middle of the day.

Upon waking up, the entire WLP department who was curled up on one of the comfy red chairs let out a big yawn and went over to the Max to grab a bite to eat.

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