Emerson College Moves To Lottery-Based Admissions System


Emerson College caused quite a stir among its students on Wednesday when it was announced via Electronic mail that the school would no longer be offering lottery-based housing selection for upperclassmen. In the wake of this announcement, students from classes of 2018 and 2019 expressed their concern and anger toward the college and cited the colleges continued tendencies to make changes unsupported by the student body. 

Luckily, this outcry was heard by the schools executive board and a new change in policy has been ordered as it was announced today that the college would be moving to a lottery-based admissions system starting this upcoming winter.

“It just seemed fair,” said Erik Muurisepp, Director of Housing and Residence life. “We truly believe that every student is Entitled to a lottery-based system which will help them to make important life choices. After we removed the housing lottery, we heard the voices of upset students, so we knew this was a change that needed to be made.”

The college announced that prior to the official drawing which will take place on January 31st 2017, the admissions department would issue a number of raffle tickets via the postal service, to anyone who filled out the online application and paid the $75 dollar entry fee. The 800 lucky winners will then be selected live on the Emerson Channel using a gas-powered Powerball lottery dispenser to establish the class of 2021.

“We think this is the next step in collegiate admissions innovation,” said Vice President of Campus Life, Jim Hoppe. “As a school that prides itself on the diversity of its student body, a lottery-based system will allow us to be as objective as possible in selecting our applicants as it completely removes personal or merit-based bias from the equation.”

Whether or not this change will appease the concerns of the student body affected by the new housing crises has yet to be seen but early reports do not look good for the college.

“A lottery-based admissions system? Are you kidding?!” Shouted Junior Emily Yeller over the sound of the Boylston street construction, “What’s next? Dice rolls for class registration? Coin flips for the castle program?

College President Lee Pelton could not be reached for comment but he was reportedly spotted haggling with the Massachusetts lottery association over the ability to use scratch-off tickets to decide financial aid packages.

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