Free Tuition Promo Code Placed At Bottom Of Emerson Emails To See Who Actually Reads Them

14632814_10209583185169308_2886389358758309457_nIn an attempt to get a gauge of who even bothered to read their emails, Emerson school officials launched a bold new initiative in which a promo code for a free ride to Emerson College is attached to the bottom of each notice.

“Seriously,” said Emily Harrison of the Office of Financial Aid. “Room. Board. Everything. We just wanna know if anybody out there reads past the subject line of a single thing we send. Hell, we’ll throw in some books too.”

Although the school is claiming that it’s really there, with clear instructions to just plug it into eCommon with no strings attached, nobody  has reportedly even tried.

A confirmation of the rumor could not be given because sources didn’t bother checking.

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