Off-Campus ELA Student Adjusting to Daily Cross Country Commute


Emerson Junior VMA student Anya Lewis made the decision to live off-campus this semester with the intention of gaining some independence and saving some cash. One big adjustment, she has found, is the tedious commute that comes from traveling into the city of Los Angeles on the daily.

“Yeah, Some days are obviously  tougher than others…just yesterday I broke down in the middle of  Oklahoma. Luckily, a kind farmer was loaned me a horse which got me as far as eastern Nevada. From there I hitchhiked to my way to my 10 AM Seminar in Media Arts Topics: American Film of the 1970s class,” explained Lewis as she hit the dusty road on the beginning of her 2,985 mile trek to visit her professor during office hours.

Although the 44-hour nonstop drive is sometimes inconvenient, most students still prefer it to the MBTA. But that certainly does not mean the system is perfect.

“Oh man! I gotta’ run!” yelled the 20-year old film student. “I’m gonna be late for my 8AM Media of Consumption: From Totally Cool to Totally Wired class next Tuesday!”

At press time, Lewis was banging a U-turn in Northern Ohio upon realizing she forgot a textbook at home.


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