Emerson To Host Forbes: Under 10 Summit In The Bill Bordy


In the wake of the enormous and honorable success of this past week’s Boston’s “Forbes Under 30 Summit”, Emerson College announced today that it will be hosting the “Forbes: Under 10 Summit” in the Bill Bordy Theater this upcoming weekend.

This event, sponsored by Jumpstart, will be, “The definitive place to network, collaborate, recruit, and exchange ideas of the future for those who haven’t hit double digits in the age column yet,” said conference spokeswoman Abigail Waterman, “and will feature three days of motivating panels, pitch contests, philanthropy, music and food festivals, parties and beyond, all for young entrepreneurs who have yet to live a decade.”

Some of the exciting events scheduled for the weekend include a panel on “Innovative Seasonal Drink Strategy” led by 8-year old Mikey Watkins, who grew his lemonade stand from a small table-and-chair business into a town-wide phenomenon in under a year, as well as collaborative networking events for school bullies, a seminar on “Best Booger Picking Methods,” and a free concert featuring the Chuck E. Cheese Pizza-Time band.

At night, attendees can enjoy the “Uncrustables VIP Bash” at the Chinatown YMCA which will feature $2 non-alcoholic jell-o shots, $4 Apple Juice boxes, and catering by McDonalds and Burger King.

“We really think this is going to be an amazing opportunity for the young people of Boston,” Forbes Chairman Oliver Winger said to us on Tuesday, “and the look on their faces when they post about how honored they’ll be to attend is more than enough reward for us.”

At press time, representatives from Emerson could not be reached as they were reportedly setting up a ball pit and petting zoo in the Bill Bordy.

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