Senior Still Waiting On Crush To Pick Up On Emerson Confessional Hint

em confess.png

Jacoby Prebble ’17 took a chance two years ago, and never looked back. However, his plan is working slower than intended. In 2014, Prebble dropped a bombshell on the since deactivated anonymous students-tell-all Facebook page – “Emerson Confessional”

“I practically spelled it out for her,” exclaimed the 22-year old who is still waiting on fellow former classmate Sarah Powell to make a move.

On November 14th, 2014, the now dormant page published the following:

“To the girl who sits diagonal from me in Intro to Visual Arts…. you have the best smile.”

Prebble argues that the brief post “could not have been more clear” and “really took [him] a lot of inner courage” to actually put it out there.

At press time, Powell was applying to the ELA Program in what Prebble described as an attempt at “playing hard to get”.

“I’m totally cool with the long distance thing- if that’s what’s holding her back.”

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