Elephant In The Room: Four People Unliked Us This Month

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 2.11.51 PM.png

Social Media is huge. That goes without saying.

But this weekend, Facebook showed the Lion’s Tooth editors something we wish we hadn’t seen: FOUR people unliked us this month.

Following an emotional emergency meeting, the writers walked with two questions to propose to those four, in the hopes that we can gain some much needed closure. All we ask is that you answer truthfully.

  1. Why?

Was it something we said? Is our content not up to your standards? Did we perhaps offend you? Maybe we’re just annoying you! We’re not here to judge. We just think we have a right to know.

2. How can we win you back?

Frankly, everything we do is for likes. The only thing we crave more than social media traction is an EVVY. I think we have the latter locked up. That being said. We need you back and we need you to tell us how.


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