VMA Department Scraps Plans For “Topic In Media Arts Practice: Do It for The Vine”



With the recent announcement that social media giant Twitter would be shutting down the short-form video sharing app Vine,  the Emerson VMA department has been forced to discard its plans for a new course under the “Topic in Media Arts Practice” designation entitled Do It For The Vine.

Intended to introduce students to the theory and practice of  what makes a Vine, the course was expected to provide an outlet for students that lack the real skills to participate in an actual film set as well as those who think personally they’re genuinely funny and seem to always be “on.”

“Obviously we’re shocked about the announcement and are sorely disappointed that we must scrap all the curriculum research and work we’ve compiled for the past year and half,” reported VMA co-chair David Logan, “We were sure the number of obnoxious, self-involved ‘Vine Stars’ was keeping the site alive.”

While the course was to be open to all VMA students, its main aim was to fulfill a “production” requirement for students in the newly introduced Comedic Arts major.

When asked about the course’s cancellation, Shannon Stevens ’20 told the Lion’s Tooth, “It’s definitely frustrating you know, I was hoping to finally bring my comedic talents to new areas …at least there’s always Snapchat. Here’s hoping there’s a class for that, because frankly my content is lit 24/7…oh real quick, let me show you this  funny selfie I took with the Small Face filter!!!”

At press time, the VMA department released another press statement reiterating that, “…social media is still huge despite this small setback.”


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