Heartbreaking: Elliott Yamin Walked Right Through Emerson Quidditch Practice And Nobody Noticed Him


On Monday afternoon, Elliott Yamin strode directly through a Boylston Berserkers Quidditch practice, totally unnoticed.

Despite making it to the final three of American Idol’s fifth season, the 38 year old could just have easily been an autumn leaf in the wind during today’s quaffle-based drills.

One of only three humans to outlast Chris Daughtry, Yamin narrowly avoided 5’8 Golden Snitch Jaclyn Patel who whizzed by the contemporary R&B singer and songwriter, without so much as a “Hey man! Watch out!”

Yamin declined to comment if he was bothered by not being even acknowledged despite his debut single Wait For You being certified gold in Japan just over eight years ago.

At press time, members of the Park Street Pulverizers were debating if a homeless man was in fact Taylor Hicks or just an extremely convincing lookalike.

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