Student With Industry Connections Not Sure Why She’s Attending Emerson, Either



It’s no secret that Emerson has its fair share of students who harbor the secret that they do indeed already have connections to the industry they want to go in. While most attend college to broaden their educational horizons, sophomore Lucy Coleman literally has no clue why she’s here.

When asked what she has hoped to gain from her time at Emerson, the Media Production major had this to say, “I guess like I’m here to get a taste of the real world…I think? I don’t know to be honest. I really don’t even know what my major means.”

With the film industry being competitive and often difficult to break into, knowing someone on the inside is one way that often guarantees regular work in the field and Coleman understands that for sure.

“I mean yeah my family lives in California where most of the industry is, and my dad is head of production at Lionsgate, and I definitely will have a job once I graduate…but I guess my mom and him thought ‘well Boston’s cute, she’ll have fun, maybe kill some time.'”

At press time, Coleman was defending her right to attend Emerson in place of students’ less privileged and fortunate, because she, “wouldn’t be able to go to bangin’ parties with her clique.”

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