Writing for TV Professor Desperately Trying To Hide The Fact That He Wrote For “Big Bang Theory”

Untitled drawing.png

In an extraordinary attempt to hide his real world experience from the class before him, adjunct professor Tom Haddlebro denied all knowledge of the fact that he spent 3 seasons writing for the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory.

On Monday morning, when asked by student Sandra Coulton what his previous experiences in the industry entailed, Haddlebro responded with, “Well,  I wrote for this little comedy show about a bunch of geeky guys…” before being cut off by another student.

“Wait, you wrote for Big Bang Theory didn’t you,” questioned junior Drew Feeley.

Laughter and groans were heard in the classroom before Haddlebro began to deny the charges made against him.

“No no no, now I didn’t say that, okay? You’re putting words in my mouth goddammit,” shouted the seasoned teleplay writer as his students felt silent.

Despite quelling these accusations,  a distraught Haddlebro eventually dismissed the class early upon hearing an audible whisper of “Bazinga” from the back of the room while in the middle of explaining how to incorporate act breaks in scripts.

Utilizing a quick Google search, Lion’s Tooth found Haddlebro’s credits on no less than twenty episodes including, The Bus Pants Utilization, The Wildebeest Implementation, and fan-favorite The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition.

At press time, Haddlebro was seen in his office making a  phone call to famed Big Bang creator Chuck Lorre, looking for “a way out of this mess, man.”

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