Fenway Resident Strikes Back By Moving Into Colonial Lobby

colo lobby.png

Ahh, sweet revenge.

Todd Renbarger of 21 Hemenway Street in the Fenway Area of Boston got payback on the school that plans on housing 115 students a stone’s throw away from his one-bedroom apartment.

“I tried the picket sign and megaphone thing. But I just wasn’t getting my point across the way I had hoped,” explained Renbarger. “I figure giving them a taste of their own medicine will show them how awful it is to have unwanted neighbors.”

The 43-year old data administrator wasted no time making himself at home. Upon arriving, Renbarger was almost instantly barefoot, sprawled out on his queen sized mattress.

“I could really get used to this!” Renbarger told reporters as he began clipping his toenails off the side of his bed.

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