Boyfriend Talking Big Game About Being With You Next Semester



Tensions rose after a conversation between you and your boyfriend of 5 months, Adam Derantes ended in awkwardness and uncertainty. Following a few presumptuous comments in which Derantes ’18 implied he was expecting you and him to be together next semester.

“Hey, so my cousin’s getting married in March,” Derantes said to you in a recent conversation on a Boston Common bench. “You’re invited! Just letting you know!”

“Wow, does he really think he and I will even be speaking after Christmas? Yeeesh,” you said in your head while he was blabbed on about spring break plans in LA.

“Hey it’s possible, but jeez…this guy’s sure counting his chickens. How about we make it until Thanksgiving. Then we’ll talk.”

At press time, you were insisting that Adam wait on getting a Christmas gift until mid-December “in case [he] thought of something else later.”

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