BREAKING: Pelton Admits To Voting For “Deez Nuts”

In an election where the general consensus has been an overriding “every vote matters,” Emerson College president Lee Pelton just committed a major offense.

“Yup! Just voted. Got my sticker and everything. Who’d I vote for? ‘Deez Nuts’ of course,” told an enthusiastic Pelton to Lion’s Tooth political correspondents as he exited the nearby voting facility.

Though we are still very far away from the results of the election, knowing that one vote has been thrown away this hastily by such an crucial community figure at Emerson has Lion’s Tooth worried about the influence Pelton’s actions may have on the student body.

At press time, Pelton was defending himself during an emergency Poli-Comm department hearing, stating, “C’mon it was just one vote…we all know the electoral college decides this stuff anyway.”

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