Disgraced Nate Silver Accepts Immediate Residency With Emerson Polling Society




With an election outcome that went against most if not all polling predictions made in the past months, many a pollsters are certainly eating humble pie. Looking for a way out of the spotlight, Statistician Nate Silver of Project FiveThirtyEight fame has joined forces with Emerson College’s Polling Society.

“This election went against everything we thought we knew and I don’t know if politics will ever be the same again. That being said, my new residency at ECPS is a way for me to recollect my thoughts and start anew,” reported a visibly tired Silver to Lion’s Tooth Staff just moments after his new position was made official.

With ECPS’ polls being among the many that predicted a major win for democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Silver hopes to work together with the students and faculty of the group to evaluate and interpret data from the election results for a larger retrospective research project.

Of this research, Silver stated, “Shocking things happened in this election, but we cannot just think of it as history past. We must crunch those numbers and get them into some sort of colorful chart. ECPS has proven itself to be invaluable to my work already and it’s an opportunity I’m extremely grateful for.”

At press time, Silver had a 76% likelihood of losing his shit while waiting in line at Einstein’s .

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