Lion’s Tooth Reacts To ‘Beacon Jab

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.24.02 AM.png

Last Tuesday, November 2nd, The Berkley Beacon published one of their hilarious editorial cartoons, in which “The Lion’s Tooth” (huh, never heard of The Lion’s Tooth, maybe they’re thinking of Lion’s Tooth?) was the butt of the joke. Let’s see what the The Lion’s Tooth writers think…

Emma Jordan ’18                                                                        Associate Manager of Social Media | Lion’s Tooth

“I will say this about the Beacon: Although they have far less Facebook likes than us, when they consistently publish a crime log, they’re unstoppable. We tried publishing a crime log last year but we just don’t have that inside connection. I tip my cap to them for that. Have you seen their crime log? People getting stuck in elevators, people getting weed confiscated by RAs. It’s gold. Best feature on campus.”

Mitt Lavarnway ’17                                                                                           Editor In Chief | Lion’s Tooth

“Yeah. I saw it. [I] didn’t like it but the drawing was a fairly accurate depiction of me, I’ll give them that.”

Jason Gordon ’19                                                                                 Manager of Spelling and Grammar | Lion’s Tooth

Yeah, we don’t use a chalk board pitch ideas. What is this, 1946? All Lion’s Tooth articles are formulated, executed, and published in a WordPress draft. Bash us all you want, just respect the fact that we actually do our research before writing. It takes 5 seconds and is fairly simple. For example, before you write about another news source on campus, make sure you know the name of their publication.

Let me start by doing a little fact checking. The drawing is clearly a jab at what the Beacon sees as a lack of creativity and variation of topics that we at Lion’s Tooth cover. Our last 50 articles have covered the following topics:

And finally, the only three things that you claim we cover:

  • The Dining Hall: 1
  • The Beacon: 1
  • Construction: 1

Meanwhile, the Beacon just dropped a bombshell titled “Boylston Place crane to be disassembled”. You want us to change up our coverage? Why don’t you start by doing your job and digging up some dirt (no pun intended) for us. That’s what school papers are for, right?

Oh, and if you’re going to call somebody out, why don’t you slap it on the front page rather than hiding it at the bottom of page 4.

All this being said, we respect the Beacon and wouldn’t be as wildly successful as we are without them. We hate them, but god dammit do we respect them. In fact, we need them as they need us- much like Ouroboros, the mythical Greek snake that eats its own tail.

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