Student Eager To Come Out As Bipartisan At Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving vacation approaching, many students at Emerson are anxious at the prospect of having to interact with certain relatives after the results from this year’s presidential election. But for sophomore Ryan Gannet, this holiday season is looking to be the perfect time to reveal a long hidden lifestyle secret — he’s bipartisan.

“This election really proved how divided we still are as a country and I feel with that in mind, my own political divisiveness will finally be accepted among my family members,” explained the Journalism major when asked why he’s planning on coming out this year in particular, “I’m bipartisan and proud!”

While we here at Lion’s Tooth welcome a wide range of views and voices from our community, we extend our support to those students who dread where the family conversations will go during Thanksgiving. We truly hope Ryan’s openness can be example on how to approach these potentially politically charged family gatherings.

“Look it’s great that everyone here at this school is a bleeding heart liberal. I get it, I love Obama. But to get the other side’s opinions shoved down my throat is gonna be a much needed breath of fresh air,” reported an enthusiastic Gannet, “Who says you can’t be ‘with her’ and want to ‘make America great again?”

At press time, Gannet was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on Spotify while writing an Odyssey piece on why he thinks Trumps’ administration should reinforce “Trickle Down Economics.”

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