Students Resume Classes With Renewed Sense Of Anxiety


After a relaxing time spent in its respective hometowns, the Emerson student body rejoined their classes on Monday and Tuesday with a newfangled level of stress concerning their academic efforts.

“Thanksgiving break was great!” reported Camella Johnson ’18. “Now it’s time for me to settle back into the groove and continue to be ridden with unease until mid to late December.”

Each of Emerson’s 3,789 students were able to put all the anxiety of finals, group projects, presentations, and reports they needed to work on aside for 60 hours and pretend, just for a fleeting moment, that they were not stretched as thin as a rail with soul-crushing fear and nervousness about failing in every aspect of their lives. Upon returning to campus, students were treated with a fresh scoop of the reality that they were up to their necks in impossible assignments and falling grades.

At press time, students were looking ahead to a time after college when they would only be burdened by the thought of finding a job to pay of thousands of dollars in debt.


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